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  • fathers day gifts
  • Family
    From $53.49
  • Tree of Life
    From $62.99
  • Ladies
    From $34.99
  • Mens
    From $40.79
  • Anklets
    From $44.79
  • Dog Tags
    From $48.99
  • Keyrings
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  • Chains
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  • St Christopher
    From $27.99
  • Photo Engraving
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  • Sterling Silver
    Triple Disc


  • Sterling Silver
    Triple Hearts


  • Name Necklace
    With Crystal

    $65.99 $46.19

  • Special Date
    Calendar Keyring


  • Filigree Heart
    Tree of Life


  • Three Colour
    Gold Plated


  • Sterling Silver
    Family Heart


  • Three Colour
    Solid Gold


  • Solid Yellow Gold
    Name Tag


  • Rose Gold Plated
    Dream Catcher

    $69.84 are manufacturers and suppliers of fine personalized name jewelry, specifically name necklaces, personalized pendants and initials as well as personalizing other items of jewelry such St Christophers and Dog Tags.

Browse through our superb range of custom made top quality personalized jewelry items. Choose from our selection of pendants, initials and more.

Once you have chosen your item, personalized or not, you can relax knowing that when your order is placed our team of craftsmen will set to work immediately to ensure that your jewelry is crafted and mailed to you within three working days.

Our quality, highly crafted personalized jewelry is ideal as an intimate and personal momento for any occasion and absolutely perfect as birthday, bridesmaids, valentines, anniversary or Christmas gifts.